Demi Goldberg

Ohrsom is a once in a lifetime program that allows Jewish youth from around the world to stay connected to their Jewish Learning and love for Israel. While in Israel, we were privileged enough to be able to attend the best yeshivot and midrashot and learnt a myriad of valuable lessons that we can apply in our everyday lives. Not only was the trip to Israel an exciting and fun way to explore our holy land, but we are still able to engage with our Jewish roots through relevant and thought-provoking shiurs in Australia. These shiurs continue to fuel our hunger for knowledge of judaica and our culture. Ohrsom has allowed me to maintain my connection to Judaism and has simultaneously afforded me the opportunity to form lifelong friendships and connections.


I am really happy that I’m involved in the ‘OHRSOM Student’ program. The weekly discussions are always engaging and thought-provoking and have provided me the opportunity to engage with Jewish learning in a way that is both intellectual and visceral. The Israel Tour in July was an unforgettable part of the program; it was great to share such a meaningful and fun experience with the South-African students.

Gadi Hershkowitz

Ohrsom Student as an organisation, from the ground up, is unbelievable. Their commitment to educating and inspiring Jewish youth is simply astounding, and the means by which they achieve their goal of strengthening Jewish continuity is always exciting, appealing, creative and fun.

Ben De Winter

For me ohrsom was an incredible, one off social experience which was further enriched by some challenging, and fascinating speakers. Being in a brand new social environment with people from the other side of the world, mixed with awesome and fun activities is the perfect recipe for an incredible social journey which was perfect for the uni break. Also, the days spent in the ohrsomaech yeshiva definitely impressed with the high calibre speakers who were engaging and thought provoking.

Tali Paikin

Ohrsom is a program that goes above and beyond for its participants to gain meaningful insights and unforgettable experiences both in Israel and once back home. It establishes a platform for young Jewish Australians to get together and create a distinct community to which they belong, significant since especially after school there are limited opportunities to connect to Judaism in a stimulating and social setting.

Jayden Beville

The Ohrsom experience was indeed truly awesome. The reason why I chose to participate in Ohrsom was quite unique compared to the rest of the group, as I was only one of three to have never visited Israel before!

Jeremy Kaplan

The OHRSOM trip was so significant for me as it catered for everyone. Those with different levels of Jewish beliefs were able to experience and explore different aspects of Judaism and Israel with an incredible group of people. The program was also extremely well-balanced, with activities that brought the group together, as well as more deep and meaningful activities too. The learning sessions after the trip have also been a great way to catch up with everyone and continue the overall vibe of the program.

Jamie Muscatel

Signing up to the Orshom program was something I was quite hesitant to do at first, due to the fact I’d been to Israel 4 times before, and that there are compulsory weekly sessions we’d need to attend. However, overall I am seriously glad I chose to join this program. Rabbi Channen and Rabbi Evan are fun, enthusiastic, relaxed people who bring such a good vibe to the organization making everyone feel so welcome.

Jesse Fleizig

Ohrsom was an incredibly enriching program filled with both deeply meaningful, fun and adventurous times. Run by absolutely incredible leaders, I could not have pictured a better way to spend the mid-semester break than experiencing Israel in the manner which I did with Ohrsom. I would highly recommend this trip to any young Jews looking to travel throughout their mid-semester break in order to simultaneously experience and grow from Ohrsom’s incredibly unique program alongside like-minded students of similar age.